Lapis Lazuli Pyramid (Wisdom & Communication)

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Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

Item Type – Stone Pyramid
Stone Name –Lapis Lazuli
Stone Natural – Yes
Stone Color – Blue
Stone Certified – Yes
Stone Is Raw – No
Pyramid – 1 inch, 2 inches & 3 Inches
Cash On Delivery – Available
Shipping – In India (6 to 10 days) Across From India (10 to 15 days)

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Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

Lapis Lazuli assists us with arousing our actual fate and heavenly reason. It brings consciousness of the spirit and track down our profound reason throughout everyday life. A stone of truth, it empowers genuineness in composed and spoken correspondence. It invigorates the longing for information, truth and understanding and helps the interaction for learning. It invigorates shrewdness and great judgment. An incredible stone to perceive and upgrade self-esteem.

Who can use this crystal:

☞ Those who wish to improve their communication skills.
☞ Anyone who wishes to work on their throat chakra and has throat-related issues.

How to use this crystal:

☞Hold the pyramid in your palm after cleansing and charging it.
☞ that they work for you in whatever area you wish to take their help in.
☞ Hold them in your hands during meditation, or keep them close to you at your bedside or work table.

How to clean this crystal:

Before we ship to you all the crystals are cleansed and washed, But it will be better to you if you wash them under cold water. You can hold it under a tap.
You can also use moon light or any other method.

How much time does it take to show the effect the stone:

Every crystal works differently with person and situation. It all depends on how much you believe in it. As per experience we have seen that it works between 20 to 40 days.

Crystal care tips:

You need to cleanse it and charge it after some time. According to us, cleansing it every two or four week can be beneficial.

If the crystal got damaged or broken, you need to entomb it in the earth or you can also immerse it in the lake or liver.

Shipping and delivery:

After receiving your order we will ship it within 3 to 5 days. For more detail you can also read our shipping policy.

Return Policy:

If you are not satisfied with our product or want to return it so firstly you need to read our return policy carefully.

Additional information

Healing Stone angels Size

1 Inch, 2 Inches, 3 inches


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