Natural Citrine Gemstone Bracelet

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Citrine Gemstone Bracelet

Bead Name:- Citrine
Bead Shape:- Round
Natural Beads – Yes
Bead Color:- Yellow
Bead size:- 8mm & 10mm
Central Drilled – 0.3mm
Stretchable:- Yes
Finished Product:- Excellent
Dimension: Free Size
Approximate Weight:25 gm
COD (Cash on Delivery):- Yes
Shipping – In India (6 to 10 days) Across From India (10 to 15 days). Free Shipping India.


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Citrine Gemstone Bracelet

Citrine is a yellow colored crystal which is also known as sunela in Hindi, It is mostly used for wealth. Citrine has the power to attract money. It is mostly used for wealth problems. This stone gives a boost to work hard and removes all the hurdles coming in your work. Citrine increases the opportunity and way of income. Another benefit of citrine is that it increases creativity and self confidence. Healing power of citrine is that it cures liver, blood, heart and digestive system related disease.

How to cleanse a crystal bracelet?

☞ All the crystals are washed and cleansed before we ship it to you, but it can be good if you wash them in running cold water after receiving them. You can hold them under a tap.
☞ You can also use sage, moonlight and other cleansing methods.

How long does it take for the crystal to show their effect?

☞ Its effects depend on the person and the situation; it can also be different from different people and situations. But, generally it takes 20 to 50 days to settle it.

Crystal care tips:

☞ You need to cleanse it and charge it after every two or four weeks
In case, if your crystal is damaged or gets broken then, you can immerse it in a lake or any river or bury it in earth.

Shipping and delivery:

After receiving your order we will ship it within 3 to 5 days. For more detail you can also read our shipping policy.

Return Policy:

If you are not satisfied with our product or want to return it so firstly you need to read our return policy carefully.

Additional information

Bead Size

10 MM, 8 MM


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