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Our Story:

It all started with a mind full of creativity and a heart with kindness and love.

From an ancient time, crystals have been part of our Indian nation. From childhood we are taught by elders about the beauty of stone and the power of vibes comes from them.

Staying between rocks and experiencing the power of crystals in many different ways by ourselves and by our known people.

Healing stones or crystals are used for their energy and vibes for healing are used across the world. These energies and vibes help you to heal earlier.

We started from helping people of our known by giving them the piece of the earth, earlier we decided to serve these things to the world.

And now you can see the existence of Pure Gems World. Our e-commerce platform we have planned from day and night for this.

We give the surety of Pure Gems World stone which provides the highly energised healing stone to our customers. Every product or stone which is sent from Pure Gems World store is cleansed and energised by us.

We are a familiar and home based store. Every time when you purchase a new product we feel so happy and we get motivated to work harder and thank you which is a must.

Shop from us and motivate us to spread love more and more.

Just Remember one thing every time you purchase the universe is responding to our prayers and you too.

Have a good day!

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