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Pointing towers are similar to crystal pencil/ obelisks, but both are different. Pointing towers have a round or multi-cut base, but they are straight towers. These pointing towers have multiple uses; you can use them in mediation or in reiki. Some claim that using a crystal tower or point during meditation can help you focus and relax. Specimens that form a single point at the tip of a crystal are called crystal towers. They have the ability to greatly magnify energy and intent.

Where to put the crystal pointing tower: 

On a Desk or Workspace: Placing a crystal tower on your desk or workspace can help improve focus, clarity, and creativity. It can also enhance the energy of the space, making it better for productivity.

In a Meditation or Sacred Space: Many people place crystal towers in their meditation or sacred spaces to create a positive and harmonious environment. The crystal's energy can help grow meditation and spiritual practices.

Near a Window: Placing a crystal tower near a window can help attract positive energy from the outside and spread it into your space. It can also help to balance the energy flow in the room.

In the Bedroom: Some people place crystal pointing towers in their bedrooms to promote restful sleep, enhance dreams, or create a calming atmosphere. Placing them on a nightstand or dresser can be beneficial.

In the Center of a Room: Placing a crystal tower in the center of a room can help distribute its energy evenly throughout the space. This can be especially beneficial in larger rooms or areas where people gather.