Where does your crystal source from?

At Pure Gems World we are passionate about our crystal sources. This is why we work with the family- owned mines directly and avoid middlemen. The most important thing is that crystals affect when they are natural. We only sell natural products. All the crystals we sell are sourced from earth.

How do I know that I have chosen the right crystal?

Crystals you are buying for astrology should be natural. All the crystals we sell are natural.  There is no doubt that you have bought the wrong product or wasted your money. Our crystals are good, natural and effective.

Why are you attracted to those crystals?

Crystals have different colours and these crystals are very effective. Their vibes can attract you and change your behaviour. You always search for the energy which is lacking in you, similarly crystal also searches for people who need them.

You can check our store and see which crystal attracts you the most.

Do these crystals affect?

Yes, these crystals are very effective and they work. All you need is to energise and cleanse them.

After how much time does it work?

These crystals give you a boost. Their vibes are effective; they help you to fulfil your purpose and your goal. Its working time depends on the goal and is different for different people.

Orders and Shipment:

How to pay for order?

At Pure Gems World, all types of payment are accepted, all credit and debit card, Google pay, Phone Pay, Paytm all online payment are accepted here and cash on delivery is also available.

Where do you ship?

We ship in India and also outside of India. We love to sell our product in All over the world. Doesn’t matter what the location is, you can order from our website.

How much time the shipping process take?

After receiving your order we start the making process within 12 hours. Making a product can take 3-5 days. After ending the making process we ship it to you. We ship from a reputed delivery partner. It’s all depending on the location. But, the average time of shipping is 4-5 days.

What are the shipping charges?

In India, All the shipping charges are free. But outside India, shipping charges are not free. Customers need to pay the shipping charges, VAT, Custom duty and other charges which are charged by some country.

Where is your store?

Our store is located in the Capital of India, We have our store in South Extension Delhi. Address- G-8, D-15, South Extension Part-2, Delhi-110049. 

What if I didn’t receive my order?

We have the best shipping partner. So that you can receive the order as soon as possible with the best shipping facility. But if you didn’t receive the order even after the given time then we will try to fix the issue with the shipping partner and if it didn’t fix we will refund you.

Ordering many products at a time can take the same time?

Making time for the product depends on the design. If you order many different products then it can take more time and our team will inform you of how much time it will take.

If I cancel my order then will I get a refund?

Yes you will get refunded if you cancel your product before shipping. After shipping your product will not be cancelled and you will not be refunded.

What can be the reasons for undeliverable order?

There are some of the reasons of undeliverable order:

Wrong address: We ship on the same address you provided to us. We will not be responsible for delivering the wrong address. So please check the address before placing an order.

Delivery attempts: Buyer has the limited attempts to receive their order. Our shipping partner gives three attempts to the buyer. If he visits three times and you didn’t receive the order then your packet will be returned to us.

Declined by the buyer: If the buyer declines to accept the order then the package will be returned to use and there is no refund in that case.

What is the timing of customer support timing?

Our customer support timing is Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM. For further information you can mail us at puregemsworld@gmail.com

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