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Amethyst Raw Pendant

➞ Stone Name- Amethyst ➞ Stone Colors- Purple ➞ Stone Shape- Unusual ➞ Stone Natural- Yes ➞ Stone Size- Small ➞ Pendant Metal- White Metal
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Money Magnet Combo

Tiger's Eye Bracelet

 600.00 1,000.00
➞ Beads Name: Tiger's Eye ➞ Beads Natural: Yes ➞ Beads Color: Brown ➞ Beads Size: 8mm & 10mm ➞ Beads Shape: Round ➞ Bracelet Stretchable: Yes ➞ Bracelet Length: 5 Inches to 10 Inches
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Rose Quartz Benefits

Rose Quartz Sphere Ball

 1,999.00 2,599.00
➞ Stone Name: Rose Quartz ➞ Stone Natural: Yes ➞ Stone Color: Pink ➞ Stone Size: 35-45mm, 45-60mm ➞ Stone Weight: Vary on Size ➞ Stand Also Available
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Clear Quartz Shree Yantra

➞ Stone Name- Clear Quartz/ Sphatika ➞ Stone Color- White ➞ Stone Size- 5-10 cm ➞ Stone Natural- Yes ➞ Stone Weight- 12 gm ➞ Stone Quantity- 1 Piece
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crystal tower
seven chakra pendant

Seven Chakra Pendant

➞ Stone Name- 7 Chakra ➞ Stone Colors- 7 Colors ➞ Stone Shape- Chips ➞ Stone Size- XS ➞ Pendant Metal- Brass
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Aquamarine Tumble

Aquamarine Tumble

 250.00 1,150.00
➞ Stone Name: Aquamarine ➞ Stone Natural: Yes ➞ Stone Color: Blue ➞ Stone Shape: Available in Different Shapes ➞ Stone Quantity: 1 Piece, 3 Pieces, 5 Pieces ➞ Stone Weight: 1 Piece (10-20 Gram)
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Black Tourmaline Angel

 599.00 999.00
➞ Stone Name: Black Tourmaline ➞ Stone Natural: Yes ➞ Stone Color: Blue ➞ Stone Size: 2 Inches and 3 Inches ➞ Stone Weight: 1 Piece (10-20 Gram)
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Rules for choosing Healing Crystals


Healing crystals never effects negative but still you need to right healing crystal for you.

Healing Crystals are the boon of nature, they are mined naturally from the earth crust. Many different healing crystals are used for many different purposes. It is very important to choose the right crystal for you. Which energy you want to attract, which chakra is week, which color you like the most. By Knowing all these things, you can easily choose the perfect crystal for yourself.

  • As per Benefits
  • Choosing it as per your intention
  • As per color & meaning

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Online store with a wide selection of healing crystals

Healing Crystals can be limited but their forms can't be. Every person has their own choice, some use to carry it and some prefer wearing it. You will find all type of healing crystals here, whether you are a wearing person or a carrying person. This online store is the one stop for all natural products.

Healing crystals are a natural form of energy.

Healing crystals are the form of energy; everything in nature has different energy, and healing crystals are the form of nature. Healing crystals create a connection between our mind, body, and soul. Healing crystals are used in reiki, healing processes, attracting energies, vastu, and many other purposes. They usually clear the blockages that are stopping the opportunity and positivity in your life.

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