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Tumbled stones are small, loose stones. These tumbled crystals are so lightweight and small that they can be carried in your pocket. Tumbled stones are used for aura cleansing and healing processes. They are easily available on the market. It has a very unusual shape, and every tumbled crystal has a different shape and weight. These small tumbled crystals can be used in meditation; you can hold them in your palm. You can also keep them in your wallet or purse. These crystals have so much energy that you can always carry them with you. 

Benefits of Using Tumbled Stones: 

They are small and lightweight; you can easily carry them or place them. Every tumbled stone has a distinct pattern and color that make it distinctive. They are multipurpose and simple to use because they are available in a variety of sizes and forms. From smooth and round to uneven and jagged, tumbling stones offer a broad choice of possibilities for your crystal collection. Tumbled stones are appreciated not just for their therapeutic qualities but also for their aesthetic appeal. They can be arranged in a bowl or vase or used as a component of a larger crystal grid, among other ways to exhibit them. They give any area a natural, earthy feel and infuse your surroundings with peace and tranquility.