Black Tourmaline Tumble

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➞ Stone Name: Black Tourmaline
➞ Stone Natural: Yes
➞ Stone Color: Black
➞ Stone Shape: Available in Different Shapes
➞ Stone Quantity: 1 Piece, 3 Pieces, 5 Pieces
➞ Stone Weight: 1 Piece (10-20 Gram)


Black Tourmaline Tumble

Black tourmaline A tumbled stone is a black-colored crystal belonging to the tourmaline family and used for grounding and protection. Black tourmaline is used against negative energies. Black-colored stones like black tourmaline have the energies to keep negative vibes away and give you positive vibes, from which you are able to remove your negative thoughts related to anger, greed, and jealousy and make you feel happy. Keeping it at home can lead to a happy family and reduce the chances of fights and misunderstandings.

How do I use a tumble?

☞ After completing the process of cleansing and charging it, you need to hold it in your palm.
☞ Pray and wish that your intention will be fulfilled, for which you are using a tumbler.
☞ Now you can carry your tumbler with yourself.

How do I cleanse a crystal tumble?

☞ All the crystals are washed and cleansed before we ship them to you, but it can be good if you wash them in running cold water after receiving them. You can hold them under a tap.
☞ You can also use sage, moonlight, and other cleansing methods.

How long does it take for the crystals to show their effect?

☞ Its effects depend on the person and the situation; they can also be different for different people and situations. But generally, it takes 20 to 50 days to settle it.

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