Amethyst Bracelet

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➞ Beads Name: Amethyst
➞ Beads Natural: Yes
➞ Beads Color: Purple
➞ Beads Size: 8mm and 10mm
➞ Beads Shape: Round
➞ Bracelet Stretchable: Yes
➞ Bracelet Length: 5 Inches to 10 Inches


Amethyst Bracelet

The amethyst bracelet is an all-in-one bracelet that assists the wearer on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. The purple-colored bracelet is a perfect match for four moons that enhance the appearance of wearers. This stone is linked to that of the Crown Chakra—the final objective of Chakra Balancing—and proves its power! In simple terms, this amethyst bracelet is an abundance creator.

How do I use an amethyst bracelet?

☞ After completing the process of cleansing and charging it, you need to hold it in your palm.
☞ Pray and wish that your intention will be fulfilled, for which you are wearing a bracelet.
☞ Now you can wear that bracelet on your hand.

How do I cleanse a crystal bracelet?

☞ All the crystals are washed and cleansed before we ship them to you, but it can be good if you wash them in running cold water after receiving them. You can hold them under a tap.
☞ You can also use sage, moonlight, and other cleansing methods.

How long does it take for the crystals to show their effect?

☞ Its effects depend on the person and the situation; they can also be different for different people and situations. But generally, it takes 20 to 50 days to settle it.

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