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One crystal healing wand that can be used for energy cleansing, meditation, protection, healing, and other purposes is a natural selenite stick. Crystal wand sticks are made from different crystals. Also, these sticks' crystals include seven chakra crystals. Healing wands are available in 7 chakra and also in particular crystals. You can use these healing wands or charging sticks in the charging process.

Usage of Crystal Wands:

Cleanse Your Aura: These crystal wands help one to cleanse their aura; for this process, selenite crystal wands are highly preferable. To direct energy into yourself, bring your wand close to your body. Hold your wand sideways and sweep down the length of your left arm, then your right arm, and repeat for your legs, stomach, back, and shoulders. Keep the wand a few centimeters away from your body to diffuse your aura. Your vitality will lighten.

Heal Yourself: Imagine healing energy pouring down via your head chakra, filling your body, and flowing out through the wand, clearing away any discomfort as you hold the wand point over a sore or painful location on your body.

Open your chakras: Holding your wand in your right hand, concentrate on opening and cleaning your chakras. Now gently agitate each chakra point with your wand while rotating it in a clockwise direction. When you first try this, it's a good idea to work with the secondary chakras in your hands.