Citrine Angel

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➞ Stone Name: Citrine
➞ Stone Natural: Yes
➞ Stone Color: Yellow
➞ Stone Size: 2 Inches and 3 Inches
➞ Stone Weight: 1 Piece (10-20 Gram)


Citrine Angel

Citrine Angel is a stone known for harnessing the sun’s energy and bringing sunlight and light into all aspects of your life. Keeping this stone nearby will help you maintain a sunny and bright environment and vitality. You may more easily connect to your inner light and bring a sense of optimism to your pursuits if you are filled with positive energy.

Who can use this crystal:

☞ People want to attract their good fortune.
☞ Those who want to remove their addiction to them.
☞ Who wants clarity of thought.

How to use this crystal:

☞ After cleaning Amethyst Angel and charging them, hold the crystal in your hand.
☞ Keep faith in it and pray for the purpose for which you are keeping it.
☞ You can keep it under your pillow at night, hold it in your hand during meditation and prayer, you can also place it at your table or where you work.

How to clean this crystal:

☞ Before we ship to you, all the crystals are cleansed and washed, but it will be better for you if you wash them under cold water. You can hold it under a tap. You can also use moonlight or any other method.

How much time does it take to show the effect of the stone:

☞ Every crystal works differently with each person and situation. It all depends on how much you believe in it. As per our experience, we have seen that it works between 20 to 40 days.

Crystal care tips:

☞ You need to cleanse it and charge it after some time. According to us, cleansing it every two or four weeks can be beneficial. If the crystal gets damaged or broken, you need to entomb it in the earth, or you can also immerse it in a lake or liver.

Shipping and delivery:

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Return Policy:

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