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These crystal plates are highly preferable for selenite crystal. Crystal plates have multiple uses; most are used for charging healing stones. Our crystal plates are available in different shapes and styles. We have multiple crystal plates; some are with 7 chakras and some of other engraving designs. Other healing crystal plates are also used in the vastu and reiki processes. Other healing crystals are kept on these plates to charge them. 

Importance of the Crystal Plates:

These crystal plates are mostly made of selenite, and these plates are used to charge the crystals. Healing crystals are placed on these plates, and the crystals are charged. These crystal plates come in simple as well as in designs; on them you will see different symbols like Shri Yantra Om, or 7 Chakras. Every design has a different importance. Along with charging, you can use these crystal plates for decoration in your home or office. You can also use these crystal plates too create a connection between you and your guardian angel. Also, crystal charging plates have multiple benefits. These crystal plates absorb the negativity of the other crystal during the cleansing process, activating the positive energy of the crystal. With some other metaphysical properties, you will notice that it eliminates negative power, removes stress and anxiety, it removes the block energy, and also promotes love and healthy relationships.