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5 Best Crystals for Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, also known as the Sahasrara chakra, is the seventh and highest energy center in the body’s chakra system. It is the source of all energy and acts as an entrance to higher consciousness and spiritual worlds. People suffering from fear, stress, or negative thoughts may have blocked their crown chakra.

Where is Crown Chakra located?

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, at the entrance of the body. The crown chakra is the point where the soul and body meet.The crown chakra radiates upward from the top of the head, or slightly higher. It resembles a crown. Because of its position, it is intimately related to the nerve system and the brain.

When crown chakra is blocked and activated

If this chakra is blocked, one might feel fear, have negative feelings, and be frustrated. This chakra. Emotionally, the blockage in the Crown appears as a lack of direction, a sense of being cut off from the outside world, disorientation, anxiety, difficulty focusing, feelings of loneliness, depression, or existential crises, as well as an inability to let go of certain attachments or limiting beliefs. A balanced crown chakra allows you to feel completely connected to the environment. Your sense of self and purpose will feel unambiguous and clear as a result of that relationship. You’ll experience intense happiness, tranquility, comfort, and serenity.

Crystals can be used to activate your crown chakra.


Amethyst for Crown Chakra

Amethyst is a beautiful multi-purpose crystal and also the best crystal you can use for activating your crown chakra. This is one of the best crown chakra crystals you can use for activation. Amethysts have the property of activating a person spiritually. Also, it gives relief from stress and anxiety. Amethyst is the most tranquil gemstone and is considered the gem of the crown chakra. It raises your vibration, transforms any bad energy into feelings of love and connected consciousness, and guarantees that you are prepared for deeper meditation.

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz for Crown Chakra

The Clear Quartz stone, with its ice-bright clarity, is a magnificent healer that may be used on numerous levels. All chakras are worked on by this calm stone, which clears obstructions and ensures that energy flows with the force of a fine spring melt. Clear Quartz prepares you for the experience of having an open heart and mind by bringing you in to sit with your higher self. By opening the crown and allowing light to enter freely, it awakens latent dreams and desires and gives strength and purpose to every part of your being, both physical and spiritual.


Selenite for Crown Chakra

One of the cleanest crown chakra gems available is sweet selenite. In its unaltered state, this gem is peachy or snow white and has universal healing properties. The elements of truth, integrity, and good power are abundant in selenite. It supports you in waking up to the light and leading an astute, purposeful life that creates room for higher thought. Beyond the present moment and peripheral perspectives, selenite transcends. It facilitates tuning into higher frequencies, allows you to enter the angel realm, and even facilitates communication with spirit guides.


Labradorite for Crown Chakra

There’s a reason why labradorite, one of the most magical stones for mood and makeup, echoes with the aurora borealis’ flashing colors. Your higher chakras are all affected by this stone. It opens the throat to receive communication, opens the third eye chakra to receive vision, and drives the clouds out of the crown chakra to establish a connection with your highest self. The main purpose of labradorite is to stimulate your imagination and let you experience mystique’s power. You may let go without being afraid because it also protects the aura.


Lepidolite for Crown Chakra

The Lepidolite stone has wonderful moods that combine shades of pink and purple. This diamond, which won the crown chakra, is amazing for removing worry and showering you with brightness and serenity. The lepidolite stone seeks to balance all aspects of your life, including cerebral clarity, bodily well-being, and, of course, a cosmic connection. It wants you to feel whole and engulfed in wonder. Lepidolite facilitates opening the crown by dispelling fear and assisting in internalizing happiness rather than focusing all of your energy on pursuing it.

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