5 Mukhi Rudraksha Unlocking the Power of Insight

5 mukhi rudraksha

5 mukhi rudraksha is another type of rudraksha that has which assists lord Shiva, lord shiva is a supreme deity who represents transformation and destruction of ignorance, and wearing this, you are connected or blessed by lord shiva. The 5 Mukhi rudraksha, also known as associated with the lord Kalagni Rudra, is a fierce form of Shiva representing time and fire.

The benefit of this rudraksha is that it gives you confidence, sharpens your memory, and protects you from the evil eye. This Rudraksha also comes in 2 varieties first one in Nepal, and the second one is Java-Indonesian; the Nepal variant is very rare and very costly, so everyone prefers the second one, which is Java-Indonesian to making pieces of jewellery or an amulet. 

How to take care of your 5 Mukhi rudrakshas: 

It would be better if you clean your Rudraksha with ghee before wearing it every day, or clean it with clean water, or after washing with clean water, dry your Rudraksha in clean velvet clothes. But keep in mind that you must wash it with ghee after every six months. And remember, do not wash with soap or minerals like this because it can be quite harmful to it. 

Mantra for 5 Mukhi Rudraksha:

Mantra for 5 Mukhi Rudraksha: Chant this mantra 108 times Om Hreem Namah (ॐ ह्रीं नमः) when you are wearing it. This mantra will help in energizing your Rudraksha. After that, you should apply kumkum or sandalwood to your neck.

Benefits of rudraksha:

5 mukhi rudraksha
  1. Enhances Overall Well-being: The wearer of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha has positively impacted overall well-being and promotes positive mental and physical effects. 
  2. Balances the Five Elements: It also balances your five elements (fire, water, air, earth, and ether), helping to balance and harmonize these elements and leading to inner equilibrium. 
  3. Removes Negativity: It helps to remove negativity as other rudraksha do, but this one is also known as the most powerful rudraksha and helps to remove negative energies or bad eyes.
  4. Promotes Good Health: This 5 mukhi rudraksha also promotes good health by curing your immune system and doing good digestion. This will help you gain weight or cure any diseases.
  5. Improves Concentration and Memory: It improves your consternation and memory, like memory retention and learning capacity, making it beneficial for students, professionals, and anyone seeking mental clarity.
  6. Connects with Lord Shiva: This rudraksha is associated with lord Shiva, the supreme deity in Hinduism, and after wearing this, you are blessed by lord shiva.

How to wear: 

Everyone says that you should wear your Rudraksha only on your neck, but if you have any problem, then you feel pain in wearing it on your hand. Also, before wearing it, there are some methods that you should follow. Before buying the rudraksha, always make sure it is real and has a certificate of originality. Also, the certificate is from a reputable, famous lab.

After doing this, you have to do some methods before wearing it like this: you have to soak it in ghee one night before wearing it, and then on Monday morning at 4 o’clock, you take a bath and wash your Rudraksha. It should be washed with milk.

After that, you have to go to the temple, take it to Lord Shiva, energize it, and chant this mantra, Om Namah Shivaye, 108 times. And then you can wear it.


There are several precautions you should follow after wearing a Rudraksha: 

  1. You should not wear Rudraksha and should not go anywhere where a baby is about to be born.
  2. You should not wear Rudraksh and go to a place where someone has died.
  3. Or if you are going to sleep, then you should remove Rudraksha and sleep.
  4. And if you are wearing your Rudraksha, then you should stay away from meat, non-veg food or alcohol, and smoking, and neither should you.
  5. And please do not touch your Rudraksha with dirty hands; it is recommended that you feel it with clean hands.

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