Black Obsidian: A Simple Guide of Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian belongs to the Silicate family. This family has a variety of stones but some of them give you outstanding results and Black Obsidian is one of them. This stone provides sunshine in your daily life areas. And brings good luck to the wearer. As you can see the stone looks like it already described itself by its name.

Black Obsidian which Black means its color and Obsidian means the stone or we can say the rock that is formed in rapid colling by a volcanic lava eruption.

History Behind Black Obsidian Crystal:

A very long history of Black settlers has been written that in our ancient times, it was quite powerful so that people could make various types of weapons or use them in warfare. According to scientists, this stone has existed for 1600 years. After this, different varieties of this stone were discovered. This stone is found in many other colors the most popular color is jet black the stone is also found in green, yellow, and grey.

Black Obsidian

What is black obsidian?

So basically, Black obsidian is a crystal that forms when volcanic lava cools rapidly. Some mythological Greeks believed that it came from the tears of good Apollo and could have the power to tell the future. This stone is mainly used for making jewelry and other purposes, and the benefit of having this stone is that it performs Different works in your body, like healing and protection from every eye. Some thought this stone was only for making jewelry or meditation, But this is not completely true. In ancient times, this stone was best for making weapons and tools. They make weapons like Macuahuitl, Knife blades, Axe heads, and Arrowheads.

How it is made:

This rock or crystal is made by the volcanos when they erupt and their lava becomes cool rapidly and then the crystal forms. On the other hand, we have many stories that say that it came from a historical god called good Apollo, and other stories say they found the crystal under the sea while they were researching. So we have many stories about this topic.

Black Obsidian uses :

By the way, it is used quite a lot, but for some things, it is used in large numbers. For jewelry or the meditation market Because of the high demand people wear it to remove the evil eye, and others use it to make mirrors, ornaments, antique items, and many more. Today it is used as a gem or ornament stone.

Black Obsidian Benefits:

Obsidian has some benefits. If you feel any negative energy, this stone is beneficial for you and helps give you a positive environment. If you are mentally broken, or we can say you are in depression or some kind of trauma, this crystal also helps you in this condition. It also clears the spiritual blockage and pulls out the stress and tension from your body. In short, this crystal is a shield for you against negativity. If you are emotionally and physically weak then this is the stone for you.


    If you have this stone you should follow some of these precautions:

    1. Place your crystal in a clean place.
    2. Dont touch your crystal while you haven’t bathed
    3. Clean your crystal in 2 to 3 weeks.
    4. Dont use high-density water ( because obsidian is just a 5.5 hardness of Mohs hardener scale )
    5. And people under 16 years and above 70 years please do not wear this stone or crystal.
    6. Every stone is fragile but this stone if you hit it harder or dropped it would be cracked or chipped by corners and it would be hazardous for you.

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