Amazonite: Know everything about it


Amazonite is one of the most common crystals which is parallelly known as the best healing crystal of all time. This is only the Amazonite crystal that cleans or heals both conditions if you have some physical problem or are mentally weak. This stone is for you it has the expertise to heal you physically or mentally. The hardness of this stone is between 6 and 7 it is quite soft like other crystal Quartz and beryls.

What is amazonite 

Amazonite is another good choice for throat chakra. It is a greenish-blue to bluish-green mineral belonging to the feldspar group. You might be thinking that its name is Amazonite, so maybe it is found in the Amazon forest, but it is not so true This name is taken from its riverside which is called the Amazon River. Although Amazonite is found in many cities, some of these countries have the best Amazonite. The countries are Russia, Brazil and the U.S. (Virginia, Colorado). The chemical formula of this crystal is this ( KAlSi₃O₈ ) which is known as Microcline.

Amazonite histories 

The first Amazonite was found in the 10th century BC in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil. The stone was made up of a chemical reaction between potassium and a minor amount of sodium, After that the environment helped it to come into rock form. In ancient times these stones or crystals are mainly used to heal wounds and make weapons. Many people use the crystal for decorative purposes 

But some people use the crystal for their security purposes.

Amazonite Uses:

Although it has many uses, these are mainly used in meditation and jewellery you can use it by a prescription of an astrologer or a palm reader if you need it to wear you can use it as jewellery. In the Stone Age, they used it to make weapons and to heal someone because this crystal is also known as healing crystal. This crystal has the highest healing factor That’s why it is recommended for everyone and can be worn by anyone with a zodiac sign, this crystal provides benefits for everyone.


Amazonite Benefits:

These are some Benefits of having an Amazonite:

Mentally problem: 

   Amazonite is one of the crystals with the greatest healing potential. If you have depression, lack of confidence, if you are physically or mentally weak, you should use it. This is very beneficial for your health. This crystal gives you relief from your anxiety and increases the flow of the inner piece. It also protects you from some harmful electromagnetic waves, like microwaves and harmful waves that come from cell phones. 

Physical illness:

In physical problems, this stone helps you here also if you have a weak body structure and weak immune digestion, this will help you to get rid of this type of problem. All you have to do is take the crystals place them in your throat chakras and start meditation. And make the process of recovering from your condition becomes faster.

Activate your chakras:

It also helps you activate throat chakras which is also known as Vishuddha chakra. It helps you to build confidence and makes you more confident, it also gives some benefits of heart chakras that help you to fight with your emotions. 

Attract money and good luck:

This will also help you if you want to attract money, wealth or good luck this crystal will also help you here 

This crystal gives you a brilliant power of manifestation that will give you the desired results. This stone also opens the doors of good luck for you. And at the same time, it also opens many doors for new opportunities.

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