Attractive Quartz Crystal: Meaning, Properties and Uses

quartz crystal

Quartz Crystal is a silicon and oxygen-containing mineral having the chemical formula SiO2. It is the most prevalent mineral in the crust of the Earth and is unaffected by chemical or physical weathering. Quartz is frequently present in the material that remains after rocks weather away. The majority of beaches in the world have quartz sand because of this. 

Variety of Quartz Crystal: 

Quartz is available in many different varieties; every variety of quartz crystal has their own benefits and properties. For different purposes, different types of quartz are used. You should use your quartz crystal as per your purpose.

quartz crystal

Amethyst: Stone with Purple Shade

Clear Quartz: Transparent and colourless

Rose Quartz: Pink coloured stone

Smoky Quartz: Brown Mix Shade

Ametrine: Combination of Amethyst and Citrine

Citrine: Golden Yellow or Orange Colored

Milky Quartz: Milky White Quartz

Tiger’s Eye: Mix shade of Brown and Black

Quartz Crystal: Meaning & Energy

Quartz is known for their immense power, it is one of the powerful crystals having strong effects, it brings clarity, cleanse the aura. Quartz crystal is effective in focusing the mind, brings positivity, it is the stone effective for all chakras of the body, it also purifies the physical and internal energies of body and mind. Basically, It enhances the mind, soul and body of one. 

Quartz Crystal: Healing Properties

Quartz has different varieties and every different variety has different benefits, some of quartz have good physical properties that are useful for the protection from health issues, cures existing diseases. Some quartz are useful for protection from negative energies and some varieties of quartz are useful for love, peace, protection etc. Every type of quartz has their own benefits and properties.

Quartz Crystal: How to Use

Jewellery: Quartz crystal can be carried in jewellery, it is easily available in mala, rings, pendant, bracelets and other jewelries. Suitable jewellery can be worn for its effect, any particular jewellery does not affect its properties, every quartz jewellery affects the same.

Keep it with yourself: If one doesn’t like to wear any jewellery, then they can also use other forms of quartz crystal to avails its effects, Likewise, tumble, tree, pyramids etc they can keep it with yourself or place it on home, office/workplace or anywhere they wanted to.

Quartz Crystal: How to Cleanse

Cleansing a healing crystal activates the energy of the stone. It can be done by yourself. There are many ways to cleanse your quartz crystal but here are some common ways to cleanse your crystal:

Saltwater: You can use saltwater to cleanse your quartz crystal, if possible then you can use fresh salt water from the ocean, but if it is not available then you can take normal water in a bowl and add some salt (any type of salt, sea, rock or table salt) then soak your crystal in that bowl for sometime. And then, rinse and let it dry after completing the process.

Running Water: Running water is one of the best ways to cleanse your stone, Best way of running water is an open tap. You can open the tap and hold your stone for 1-2 minutes and then let it keep dry. Then your quartz crystal is cleansed now, you can use it now.

Natural Light: You can place your stone out at any time to cleanse and recharge, despite the fact that ceremonial cleansing is sometimes focused around specific points in the solar or lunar cycle. Your stone will be able to soak in the light of the moon and sun if you place it outside before dusk and plan to bring it inside before 11 a.m

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