Amber Stone: Unique Healing Crystal with Powerful Effects

Amber stone

Amber stone is a crystal that is made from fossils inside the ground, the older this stone is, the more powerful it will be. The interesting fact about this stone is that it absorbs the energy from earth while forming. It is made from nature and also known as organic stone. It is usually available in yellowish orange color and also red, amber but mostly red, amber is created by heating. The hardness of this unique crystal is between 1-3 on the Mohs scale. Amber stone is one of the powerful healing crystals and having strong energies in it.

Healing Properties of Amber Stone: 

Amber stone

Cure disease and heal body: Amber crystal is effective for curing healthy disease and quickly heals the body. Body starts healing quickly when someone uses amber as a healing crystal. 

Removes the negativity: Amber crystal is effective for removing negativity, it is a very energetic stone that removes the negativity from the atmosphere and fills it with positive energies.

It’s a symbol of good luck: Amber is one the ancient and effective stones. It is considered a symbol of good luck. Using this crystal can help you to attract your fortune. 

Strengthen nervous system: Amber is connected with the nervous system, wearing or using the amber healing crystal is useful for strengthening the nervous system. If someone is suffering from a nervous system problem, then it can be useful for curing them.

Stimulate sacral chakra: Amber stone is connected with the sacral chakra (swadhisthana chakra). It is located below the belly’s navel and located above the root chakra. It stimulates the sacral chakra of the human body.

How to Use Amber Stone:

Amber is that beautiful crystal that you can wear with its jewelry, due to its uniqueness and beautiful look, color and luster you can also make different jewelries of it. There are many other types of this crystal, you can use its tumble, pyramid, or other forms to keep it at your home, workplace, or office. 

How to Cleanse Amber Stone:

The best way to cleanse your amber stone is to hold it for a few minutes under a running tap, after that clean it from soft cloth. You can also charge it from sunlight but remember don’t keep it in sunlight for more time or in high temperature because it can harm your crystal. As you know, it is an organic stone formed under the earth, so you can place it under the soil to renew it. Having an organic stone, it is very easy to charge and activate amber crystal.

Origin of Amber Stone:

Amber stone is fossilized stone formed under the earth, it is worldwide available in Denmark, Colombia, Dominican, Russia, Tanzania, US, Mexico and other countries. According to the locality, there are many different techniques to mine amber. It can be mined through dredging, diving, or digging open pits and underground tunnels, or it can be naturally cast up by waves and gathered on beaches. Amber is frequently discovered in close proximity to coal, which is made up of both plant matter and the fossilized remnants of trees.

Difference Between Real and Fake Amber Stone:

If amber smells like pine, then it is heated.

If real amber is scraped then it will become the power, and if it flakes then amber is glass or plastic.

When amber is rubbed from wool it becomes charged and even attracts tissue paper, but glass and plastic can’t.

A natural amber stone is a poor heat conductor, so it is warmer than the glass or plastic.

Real amber floats in saltwater, and fake amber stone will sink.

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