Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal: Know its Effects & Benefits

lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue metamorphic rock having golden and brown flecks on it. It is opaque crystal and has a hardness of 5-6 on the Mohs scale. Lapis is an effective healing crystal and also used as a gemstone in astrology. This stone is a symbol of wisdom and truth. Lazuli Lazuli is a good stone whose energies, due to which there is always a positive atmosphere, does not allow any negativity to come.

Lapis lazuli contains many benefits as it can cure disease, boost skills of its wearer, give mental and physical wellness and stress. It is also a birthstone of the month january. Lapis lazuli is easily available and you will find many different shapes and forms. Lapis lazuli is mainly mined in Afghanistan. Other countries where lapis lazuli originated are Chile, Siberia, the United States, and Myanmar.

Lapis Lazuli: Benefits and its Metaphysical Properties

It boosts the immune system: Lapis Lazuli is effective for boosting the immune system. Immunity becomes good after wearing this, due to which man gets protection from many diseases.

Cures diseases: Lapis lazuli is effective in curing many diseases, it is used to cure diseases like migraine, throat, and splenomegaly. Along with these diseases it also makes the health better and ends all the health issues.

Boost self-confidence: The energies of lapis lazuli build confidence within a person, as it builds the self-confidence of the person. Along with self-confidence it also boosts the self- love.

Enhance Skills: Lazuli is the stone that can help you to enhance your creativity and skills for better performance. This stone is highly recommended for people working in creative fields or learning anything.

Some other benefits: Other benefits of lapis’ lazuli is that it reduces anger issues and brings calmness in nature. It is useful for reducing anxiety, fear, stress and insecurity and all other negative thoughts and negative feelings.

lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli: How to Use Your Crystal

Jewlery: Simple way to use a crystal that wears its jewelry, all types of jewelries are available in market you can choose any jewelry as per your choice. But, among all jewelry, a bracelet can be the best choice to wear a crystal as it is directly connected with your body. 

Idols: In the era of technology, all types of crystals are easily available. Idols are one of them, if you want to take the benefits of crystal but don’t want to wear it or want to place it then idol is the best option. You can keep a lapis lazuli idol to your home or office or somewhere else.

Other types of Crystals: If you don’t want to wear any jewelry and want to keep lapis lazuli with yourself in your pocket or in your purse then small sizes of crystals are good for it, likewise you can use tumble, pyramids or angels.

Lapis Lazuli: How to Activate Your Crystal

There are many ways to cleanse and activate a stone, cleansing means activating the power of the crystal so that it can give you the benefits. For best energetic results, crystals must be routinely cleansed and charged. Lapis lazuli can be cleaned by giving it a gentle wash in warm, soapy water—never hot—and drying it in the sun for a glittering appearance.

You can smudge sage, bathe in full moonlight, or put your stone in a basin of hematite crystals to absorb old, stagnant energy when it comes to energetic charge.

Regardless of how you choose to cleanse your crystals, always make sure to do so with a good purpose to speed up the recharging process.

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