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Turquoise Crystal: Know About Fortune Stone


Turquoise is a very known and a common crystal also known as Feroza/Firoza, it is mostly used as a gemstone and in jewelry, it is believed that this stone attracts fortune, protection and wisdom. It usually comes between blue to green, some feroza have silver or grey lines on it and some feroza are simple and plain. The hardness of this stone is 5-6 on the Mohs scale. Turquoise is known as stone because it is worn by the famous celebrity Salman Khan. 

Healing Properties of Turquoise Crystal


Associated with throat chakra: Being connected with the throat chakra, it is useful for curing the disease or illness caused from the throat, along with these it is also good for respiratory issues, allergies, migraine and other health diseases.

Brings good luck: Turquoise is considered a good crystal for removing misfortune and attracting your good luck. If one is facing a lot of mishaps in their life and failing again and again, then they must use turquoise crystal for their luck.

Mental and emotional healing: Firoza gives a relief and reduces all the anxiety and stress, heals old wounds, it brings peace inside you, stabilizes the mind and gets rid of unnecessary and negative thoughts.

Removes Negativity: Feroza is the stone useful in grounding and removing the negativity you are suffering. It is a positive stone that cuts all the negativity surrounding you and is not good for you.

Good for health: Along with the disease you read above it is a useful stone for health, it increases the strength and boosts the immunity of the person and gives a protection from falling illness.

Improve relationship: It increases the understanding, and brings harmony in relationship, using Firoza for relationship can help to not lose spark from your relationship and make it evergreen. 

How can we use turquoise healing crystal:

You can use turquoise in jewellery, there are many ways to style your Firoza. Its jewellery looks beautiful because of its attractive bluish colour. If possible and suitable then firoza bracelet is mostly preferable in healing. 

If the jewellery is not preferable then you can use other crystal types for its benefits, you can also keep it with yourself. You can carry your firoza crystal in your purse or keep it in your office or home.

Activating Turquoise Crystal:

To take the benefits of feroza it is very important to activate it. You will find many ways to activate your stone but there are three options by which you can activate your stone. All you need is just running water. Hold your firoza crystal in your hand under a running tap for a few minutes and then wipe it with soft cloth. Another way to charge your stone is to keep it in sunlight and moonlights. But high temperatures of sunlight can harm your crystal. There are also other ways to charge your stone. If the stone is big then use a small stone and if the stone is small, then you can also use a big size stone.

Quality of turquoise crystal: 

Origin: Origin is the best way to find the quality of your gemstone. Firoza usually originated in Iran, America, Tibet, Mexico, and Arizona. Iran Turquoise and very popular and known as best quality due to its high clarity.

Color: Feroza crystal is usually known as blue color, but it is available in many different shades of blue. You will find turquoise in sky blue, greenish blue, yellowish blue. Its color depends on its quality and its origin.

Clarity: Basically, turquoise is an opaque stone, but some turquoise has simple looks and some turquoise have grey lining on its surface. Both turquoises have the same properties and give the same benefits; there are just quality differences between them. 

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